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Quality service is OEC’s top priority. The Quality Assurance Manual is updated regularly to ensure proper up-to-date protocols applied throughout our laboratory and services.

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Terms and Conditions

Oilfield Environmental and Compliance (OEC): Policies, Notes and Assumptions
STANDARD POLICY: The following notes and assumptions are standard policy for OEC. They will apply to all work submitted unless otherwise specified in writing.

1. CHAIN OF CUSTODY:  The client assumes all responsibility for the information as specified on the Chain of Custody (COC). We will try to provide you the client the analysis you specify but, any and all questions resulting from ambiguity or incompleteness and timeliness of information on the COC are the responsibility of the client. Please, if you have questions call to confirm COC information.

2. QUOTE DURATION:  All quotes are valid for 180 days from date of issue or the duration of the project. Your project or analysis must start prior to the quote expiration date in order for the quote to remain valid. Expired quotes will not be honored without prior written approval of the laboratory.

3. STANDARD TURN AROUND TIME:  TAT varies with the analysis requested, the sample matrix, and the current laboratory capacity.  Results by fax or hard copy are normally available approximately five (5) to seven (7) business days from receipt.  If TAT is critical for your project please verify that we can meet your requirements prior to sample arrival.  If expedited turnaround times are required, please contact the laboratory for scheduling prior to sending any rush samples for analysis, this must be confirmed on the day samples arrive in the lab.

4. RUSH SURCHARGES:  The price schedule for requested rush analysis is as follows in working days: 5 days cost, 4days cost + 25%, 3 days cost + 50%, 2 days cost + 75%, 1 day cost + 100%, ASAP (Same Day) cost + 200%.  All rush analysis is due out at 5:00 p.m. (PST) on the due date, if not otherwise specified.  All rush analysis will be invoiced based on the date the individual analysis is provided to the customer.

5. SAMPLE DISPOSAL FEES:  If specified in the quote will apply, samples not returned to client and disposed of by OEC, $10.00 per sample.  No charge for drinking water matrices.  Environmental compliance fee is charged for proper disposal of the unused portion of samples treated for analysis.

6. SAMPLE STORAGE:  Rate for all samples held over 30 days by request of customer. $1.00 per sample/ per month, samples held by freezing $1.00 per sample /per month.

7. SAMPLE CONTAINERS:  Sample containers with preservatives, coolers, and blue ice will be provided on request at no additional charge.  Brass sample tubes for soil are also available in sizes 2″x6″ or 2.5″x6″, the price is $3.00 per set (set = 1 tube with 2 end caps).  A minimum of 72 hours may be required depending on quantity and delivery location.

8. COURIER SERVICE:  Cost for sample container delivery by ground service will be paid for by OEC.  However, in the event that express overnight service or special couriers run is necessary due to rush requirements of the customer, then carrier service costs will be billed to the customer.  OEC can provide courier service for sample pickup within a wide geographic area, however advance notice is required, availability is limited and charges may apply.

9. FIELD SERVICE:  On site sampling service is available from our 40 hour Haz-Mat certified field service technicians; the field service rate is $80.00 per hour.  Additional custom field services including Geoprobe and ambient air monitoring are available; the price for custom services is by quote only.

10. REPORT PROTOCOL:  Analysis will be performed and results reported in accordance with standard laboratory protocols unless otherwise requested prior to sample receipt.  If specific target analyte lists, quantization limits, method specifications, QAQC or EDD are required, please contact us me as soon as possible to confirm that the laboratory can comply with these project requirements and provide results in a timely and mutually agreeable format.
PLEASE NOTE:  Sample matrix interference can be a significant problem in running analysis and reaching the desired detection level, we reserve the right to invoice for the extra work required to deal with these problems.

11. INSURANCE:  Standard proof of insurance is available at no charge.  Certificates of insurance naming the client as “Additional Insured” with the client to be notified prior to lapse of insurance are also available. The charge for certificates is $30.00.

12. PAYMENT TERMS:  Payment is due 30 days from invoice date.  Any account over 30 days will be charged 1.5% interest per month on the unpaid balance.  Any account over 90 days will be placed on COD for all work and may be subject to collections fees.  OEC accepts no other payment terms unless contractually specified.  Any discounts off of retail book price are based on project size, volume of work, and prompt payment.  Any customer account in arrears will lose the discount pricing and standard book prices will apply for all analysis.
All quotes are confidential. Please do not release quote information without prior approval of OEC

All clients are encouraged to work in close contact with your sales professional or client service representative to ensure that your project gets started as smoothly as possible.  Please feel free to contact them if you need assistance at any time.  Once your project is underway, your client service representative is your best direct source for information regarding your project status and for standard requests.

If you have any questions regarding OEC’s Terms & Conditions, please contact us at (805) 922-4772.


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