Client Services-Forms and guides

Forms and Guides

OEC provides the necessary guidelines and required forms to properly handle a clients request. The information can either be downloaded or by contacting OEC with your request.

Chain of Custody

Before a sample is submitted, a COC is required. It documents  and verifies custody, condition of sample, required information for logging in sample, and specific instructions for the analysis of the sample.

Container Guide

For proper sampling and preservation, a container guide is provided. The type of container and proper preserving matrix is required depending on the type and environment of the sample taken.

Agriculture Waiver Form

If you are a grower, this form authorizes OEC to upload data on your behalf into the Geotracker database. Please fill out the following permission form befote submitting samples.

Credit Application

To establish an account with OEC, please complete the CREDIT APPLICATION and return  by email, info@oecusa.com.  Include your contact information and we will reply to your request in 24-48 hours.

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