As an essential business, OEC remains in operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are strictly following the State of California guidelines for the safety of both our clients and employees. Samples may be submitted using our contactless drop off during normal business hours. For any questions about our COVID response, please contact 805-922-4772.



Laboratory Services at OEC

 OEC is a fully certified laboratory that follows trusted sources for accurate, proven methodology that covers a wide range of methods and services dealing with several product and matrix  environments. Management is available to help with any decisions regarding required sample collection, analysis, reporting forms, and data delivery.

Environmental testing is a closely monitored not only by strict requirements but also by the public. OEC maintains certifications and guidelines to ensure proper procedures and reporting

  • Risk Management & Custom Formating
  • Waste Water
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Sediment
  • TPH Fractionation
  • Drinking Water

A variety of contaminants and by-products develop as a result of petroleum and its fractions and by-products. OEC covers a range of procedures to cover any situation. If new requirements or procedures are required, customized procedures will be developed to meet those requirements.

  • Green House Gas
  • Petroleum
  • BTU & Natural Gas
  • Produced Waters
  • Field Sampling

Geoprobe samplings are taken from specific locations at defined depths as required. OEC has highly trained and experienced personnel for the operation and sampling with the Geoprobe. Sample handling, delivery, and analysis is also available.

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