Environmental Testing

OEC offers sampling and testing services that support a broad range of compliance programs, site investigations, and monitoring projects.  We employ updated methods and use efficient and productive equipment. 

Soil/Sediment & Hazardous Waste – Tests/Methods

RCRA, CERCLA, Title 22 Hazardous Waste, Disposal Criteria, Haz Waste Characterization, Groundwater Monitoring & Characterization, etc.

Wastewater Testing РTests/Methods

NPDES, Discharge Monitoring, Surface Water, Stormwater, etc.

Drinkng Water Testing – Tests/Methods

SDWA, Title 22 Drinking Water, Domestic Well Water, Agricultural Water Well, Lead Copper Rule, etc.

Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs)

GIS Key, Geotracker (EDF), CA Office of DW (EDT), MS Excel, MS Access, Custom Formats, etc.